The Mission Continues

The Mission Continues is a veterans service organization focused on helping veterans find new missions in life by utilizing their energy and talents to meet challenges in their communities while developing people’s perception of veterans. This is accomplished through two programs: The Fellowship Program and the Service Platoon Program.  

Through the Fellowship Program post 9/11 veterans are paired with various nonprofit and volunteer organizations of their choice for six months for twenty hours a week. These fellowships enable veterans to gain experience that helps lead to full time employment, higher education, and continued volunteer service. There is a curriculum that the fellows must complete during the program and fellows will receive a monthly cost of living stipend.

Veterans of all generations (active, reserve, or guard) are eligible to participate in local Service Platoons. These platoons work in communities with other organizations to address specific issues through volunteer work. There are thirty-four platoons formed and forming nationwide as 2015, including in Chicago.   

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